The Shade in Riverton

The landscape in southeastern Ohio doesn’t resemble anything else in the state. Narrow valleys are interspersed with sharp ridges, testament to the long and epic struggle between the weight and power of the glaciers to the northwest and the ancient remnants of mountain ranges to the east. Small towns spread across the maps are hints of past railways and mining towns, lumber camps and farms. A very few mark places claimed by earlier inhabitants and civilizations.

One in particular is the site of a long lost village of indigenous people. Whatever name they knew it by has been forever lost along the pathways of time. But this is a place that might have been created with human settlement in mind; a spring-fed creek runs through the area, and the high walls of the ridges to the east and west provide shelter from the worst of storms and winter winds.

This place might seem tailor-made to stay hidden from the outside as well. The nearest interstate is two hours and the nearest major city is three hours beyond that. The local roads are small two-lane strips that twist and curve their way across the narrow ridges and through the deep valleys, sending most casual drivers to safer, more comfortable roads and cellular service in the deep valley is unknown. Visitors aren’t as rare as they used to be but they’re still few and far between.

Welcome to  Riverton.

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