Hello, Universe Prologue 2

Kyriake and Rachel had headed out early in the morning to go diving. Emma went along, more interested in laying out in the sun than seeing the reef below the water. She was topless, ensuring the boat crew didn't mind the company. After the last dive, she woke up and joined them in time for… Continue reading Hello, Universe Prologue 2

Hello, Universe

Let's cover some housekeeping, as they say on the podcasts; My output lately has been more pathetic than usual. Thanks to a reader in the Low Countries for pointing out my lack of work lately. Now that the commercial version of Sparrow & Tulip is finished, I've got a little more time for all these… Continue reading Hello, Universe

Chapter 1: Arrivals

|1.0 "Scout Ship Atalanta for Pathfinder actual," a young woman's voice said. "Pathfinder here," a deeper, avuncular voice replied. "Good morning, kiddo. Bright eyed and bushy tailed already?" "Good morning yourself, Pathfinder. My pilot is certifying me as active and operational. We're good for an on-time launch separation. I didn't wake you up or anything?… Continue reading Chapter 1: Arrivals