Fleet Insurgent Pt. 1

While Leah was jamming her legs into work pants and boots, Addie waited her turn in the forming line of Scout ships. The Navigator Intelligence aboard each Scout automatically reacted to the disaster, first by getting themselves out of danger, and then gathering far away enough to not be in the way of rescue but… Continue reading Fleet Insurgent Pt. 1

Chapter 5: Complications

"Do you really not have anything better to do?" Finn called when he saw Tyohac driving the quad. "Took you two long enough. Where's your gear?" "We traded it for an important lesson on the local wildlife," Leah said as she got in. "What did we miss?" "Kid, the defecation has well and truly impacted… Continue reading Chapter 5: Complications

Chapter 4: Water’s Leap

When Lakshmi returned, she found Finn and Leah working on two of the tablets while the rest of them laid in the sun. Leah had taken one of the abandoned packs and collected everyone's personal effects. "We thought these had departed the path," she said. "They're not really alive or dead," Leah explained. "They just… Continue reading Chapter 4: Water’s Leap

Chapter 2: Contact

"I was going to wear a uniform but it's too hot." "Finn, you never wear a uniform," Addie said. "Go to your meeting." They were both speaking quietly. Leah had muttered something about Ta'avi sleep schedules and headed off to bed. "You're sure you're going to be okay?" Finn asked. "Yep, I like her," Addie… Continue reading Chapter 2: Contact