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Chapter 4: Water’s Leap

When Lakshmi returned, she found Finn and Leah working on two of the tablets while the rest of them laid in the sun. Leah had taken one of the abandoned packs and collected everyone's personal effects. "We thought these had departed the path," she said. "They're not really alive or dead," Leah explained. "They just… Continue reading Chapter 4: Water’s Leap

Chapter 2: Contact

"I was going to wear a uniform but it's too hot." "Finn, you never wear a uniform," Addie said. "Go to your meeting." They were both speaking quietly. Leah had muttered something about Ta'avi sleep schedules and headed off to bed. "You're sure you're going to be okay?" Finn asked. "Yep, I like her," Addie… Continue reading Chapter 2: Contact

Chapter 1: Arrivals

|1.0 "Scout Ship Atalanta for Pathfinder actual," a young woman's voice said. "Pathfinder here," a deeper, avuncular voice replied. "Good morning, kiddo. Bright eyed and bushy tailed already?" "Good morning yourself, Pathfinder. My pilot is certifying me as active and operational. We're good for an on-time launch separation. I didn't wake you up or anything?… Continue reading Chapter 1: Arrivals

WTF is going on?!

Hi everyone, It's true, I left Literotica. I talk to several other authors there and it looks to us like the voting system is being played with to promote certain storylines over others, no matter what the "favorite" vote system says. I started to run into a lot of problems with submission times and "editors"… Continue reading WTF is going on?!

Chapter Six: Conclusions

Rachel and Jonesy were in the front seats, Theo was in the captain's chair right behind them, staring out the windshield. He'd never seen real mountains before, it was amazing that something could be so big. "They're something, huh?" Kawehi said. Theo nodded, looking back at her. "Someday I'm going to come back and look… Continue reading Chapter Six: Conclusions

Chapter Five: Contact

Jacob leaned on the fender of the Cadillac, arms crossed and watched as Lon Stedman's pickup headed back up the dirt road they'd used to get here. The van, along with the corpses of Stedman and his brother-in-law, had been left back at the truck stop when they'd fled the sounds of police sirens. Jacob… Continue reading Chapter Five: Contact

Chapter Four: Ambush & Aftermath

Theo followed Shep to the bathroom, keeping his eyes on the floor. The bright lights and sheer amount of stuff on the shelves made the filling station feel strange, almost dreamlike. At least the toilets in the bathroom were familiar. When they emerged, Nate was standing outside of the bathroom door waiting. Shep told Theo… Continue reading Chapter Four: Ambush & Aftermath

S&T Chapter Three: Confrontations and Hard Truths

The man they all called the Dark Brother sat in his room above the town diner. His town, Brother Dark had long ago decided. The windows were covered in aluminum foil to keep the sun out. He hated the unnaturally bright sun here, it made his head ache. He wore the only proper clothes, a… Continue reading S&T Chapter Three: Confrontations and Hard Truths