WTF is going on?!

Hi everyone,

It’s true, I left Literotica. I talk to several other authors there and it looks to us like the voting system is being played with to promote certain storylines over others, no matter what the “favorite” vote system says. I started to run into a lot of problems with submission times and “editors” input after stories were posted. I have always stood up to bullying, usually to my own detriment. This is another one of those instances because I’ve obviously lost a lot of readers. But I’m not going to spend my time creating content for a site that penalized me for having more readers than others.

The first stories in the S&T universe are slowly being rewritten, my skill level back then wasn’t great. However, I’ll begin posting the originals here under a separate heading. I really appreciate you taking the trouble to follow me to a new home and putting up with all this nonsense.

*Quick Update: Posting the entire story is a little beyond WordPress, so these will be PDFs you can download.

To other authors; if you’re also looking for a new home or just another outlet to post on, drop me a line at and we’ll sort out the details.

As always, thank you for reading.


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