Stubs & Orphans

What’s tomorrow look like?

Impatient? After all that waiting, who could blame you? All of the posts are here in chronological order.

Curious? Concerned? Here is some meta; news, notes, information, and commentary. Important issues are addressed here. Like, who is that masked man?

All that, and more, here.

The Goddess War (complete 2.25.21)

An elf finds herself at the dawning of an epic struggle.

Sparrow & Tulip, the original path (updated 2.3.20)

These are the tales originally posted on Literotica, warts, typos, and all.

The Arboreal Stories

Obviously Sparrow and Tulip aren’t the only story in a big universe. These tales begin several years after the destruction of Earth and center around the colony known as Erewhon on a planet that became known as Arboreal.

For the readers already familiar with Arboreal, these are the final imaginings of Mapping Command. Please be aware that there are minor changes to the plot and larger changes to the timeline.

The Shade in Riverton

Coming not-so Soonish!

This is a collection of work centered around the small town of Riverton. These accounts stand for themselves but hint at a larger narrative surrounding both the town and the land around it.